hak_tinymce version 0.6.3

This is a small bug fix update which corrects an error when saving callback functions from the preferences screen. It also makes the Toggle Editor Link fit better with the visual look of 4.0.4.

No updates to the TinyMCE installation yet so just re-install the plugin.

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hak_article_image version 0.5.2

Small update which adds the ability to specify a title attribute to the link that is created. It can also take 2 keywords txp:caption and txp:alt which will use the appropriate values for that image as the title.

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Back in NoVa

Well after 3 years away I am back in the cozy hands of Arlington County. It’s sort of a strange being back but its quickly feeling like home again.

I am continuing to work remotely for UVa while we transition the Health Systems website to the new design (which has just launched).

I’m fairly proud of the new implementation. The underlying template system is significantly more robust then our old one, and the base template employs a completely elastic layer so the accessibility has greatly increased.

While the design is probably not the snazziest thing out there we were required to create a look that could be seamlessly inherited by all the legacy pages created by the Departmental Web Managers. Since they currently have absolute freedom in what they do inside the template there is still to much presentation mixed in with the actual content to allow for a redesign that would change the basic 3 column layout.

That’s the next step, to move the system to an XSL rendered implementation which would allow for WYSIWYG editing while allowing the administrators to maintain control of the markup that ultimately gets generated.

Baby steps, baby steps. Now to find a local job.


I’ve been couch surfing for the past couple months while I look for a new place to live, so my internet access is sporadic.

I should be settled in a new place in October. Just in case anyone is trying to contact me and I’ve been slow with responses.

hak_tinymce version 0.6.2

Small update that fixes an issue with installations that don’t have doc_root defined in config.php. If you are not having problems you don’t need this.

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