hak_article_image 0.6

This took a little longer then I expected.

  • Can now use forms (not as extensive as upm_image but it’s easily extendable).
  • Access to image caption.
  • Creates a global $hak_thisimage variable if anyone wants to create more form tags.
  • should be fully backwards compatible with old non-form syntax.

I tried to test this as best I could but eventually it just needs to go out. It’s a fairly big re-implementation so I migth have missed things so please report any problems.

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hak_tinymce 0.7

New Feature Release.

  • Implements the GZIP compressor which is included in the bundled TinyMCE install.
  • TinyMCE updated to 2.1.0.
  • General clean ups.

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Hak_tinymce 0.6.5

Bug fix release.

  • Fixes an issue with txpimage when url_fopen() was not allowed.
  • advimage is no longer necessary for the language file to work for txpimage.

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The new beta of Firebug is receiving all sorts of love. It suprises me how many people don’t seem to have discovered this little gem in the the year or so I’ve been using it I found it to be the number one tool I can’t do without when developing. Yes it’s better then the web developers toolbar.

Don’t believe me? Check out Jesse Newland’s Screencast.

The Value of the Public Domain

British economist Rufus Pollock argues for the social and economic values of the public domain. From the abstract:

This paper calls for a re-orientation of innovation and information policy. In our current paradigm, monopoly rights, in the form of intellectual property, displace all else from our thinking on this subject making access a peripheral issue.

According to Pollock, it is high time we restored the balance, in particular by taking proper account of the public domain and open approaches to knowledge production.

The paper is only about 15 pages long and freely available online . A good read if you are interested in Intellectual Property.

Via Ars Technica.

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