The new beta of Firebug is receiving all sorts of love. It suprises me how many people don’t seem to have discovered this little gem in the the year or so I’ve been using it I found it to be the number one tool I can’t do without when developing. Yes it’s better then the web developers toolbar.

Don’t believe me? Check out Jesse Newland’s Screencast.

Now with RSS feeds

Well since someone actually asked for it I turned on the RSS feeds. Currently just RSS 0.92 and Atom 0.3. I’ll have to see about updating the RSS to version 2.0.

Newsgator acquires Bradsoft

It seems that Newsgator has acquired FeedDemon and TopStyle and Mr. Bradbury in the process. Normally I wouldn’t bother posting about general software stuff since there are plenty of sites out there doing so but I feel that Nick Bradbury is a special case.

I have been a fan of Nick’s products since I first started using Homesite years ago. I currently love TopStyle and think its by far the best web coding software ever (Hey Nick how about a mac port). I use it on all of my personal projects while still using Homesite at work.

This is of course great news for Nick but I will miss supporting one person and his family through my software usage. Best of luck to Nick in his new adventures and I look forward to any new software his mind can come up with.