SVK and DarwinPorts

After getting FreeBSD running I decided to look into DarwinPorts. I had previously tried Fink but I had the same problems I had with apt-get. For some reason I have hard time finding packages in Debian style package managers. The ports tree was the first *nix style package manager that made sense to me.

This all came about because I really wanted to try SVK. I have been very happy using Subversion at work and I have setup my own server to hold my own personal code. However I often want to commit changes while developing on my laptop and being disconnected from the network. I looked into Arch and Monotone but I really liked how SVK could interact with SVN repositories.

The only binary package of SVK also included SVN (since it requires SVN with perl bindings). I had already installed SVN using the metissian packages but they only included the Java bindings. I didn’t want to have two simultaneous installs of SVN so I started looking into removing the metissian package. Of course there was no way to uninstall since OSX does not have a package manager. So after going through the readme I manually removed all the files from /usr/local/. I decided DarwinPorts would be the best way to handle this in the future since I could manage updates and uninstalls through the package manager.

So after a long night of terminal work I got DarwinPorts installed and SVN and SVK running using the ports system.