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The Peacekeeper Wars

Two years, one month and eleven days.

Farscape finally returns to the air and it doesn’t disappoint. Even though we only get 4 more hours I feel like we are getting all the important information unlike when Babylon 5 had to wrap the main Shadow war storyline at the end of Season 4 because there was a chance that it was not coming back for a fifth season.

I can’t believe how much I missed this show. I think this statement from AintItCool kind of says it all:

… isn’t quite as rewarding as, say, a 22-episode fifth season, it’s still pretty damn cool. … Will die-hard fans be satisfied by the end? Absolutely. Can first-time viewers tune in and pick things up as it goes along? Not a chance. The Peacekeeper Wars is an unabashed love letter from the producers to their loyal viewers, and don’t let anybody tell you differently.