I’ve been couch surfing for the past couple months while I look for a new place to live, so my internet access is sporadic.

I should be settled in a new place in October. Just in case anyone is trying to contact me and I’ve been slow with responses.

New System, New Design

After doing a lot of work trying to get the old system working in a way that I was satisfied with I finnally just decided to throw in the towel. I just wasn’t getting the performance I wanted out of Ez. I could have changed hosts to one that had all the PHP acceleration needed to really run it, but I came to the realization that I was really only using 5% of what it offered while suffering all the overhead.

I still think it’s a fantastic CMS system and if I was building a system for a general site, like maybe something for my Mom’s school I think it would be a great tool because you can really focus it in do what that site needs and you aren’t trapped by blogging or publishing metaphors like a lot of other systems. So I will be keeping an eye on it still and would recommend that anyone who is interested in a truly flexible and powerful enterprise class Open Source CMS take a look at it.

So now I’ve moved to Textpattern. It has enough of the flexibility I want in a full CMS but a lot of the simplicity of a blogging tool. Plus I really like being able to use textile again.

I decided to take this time to redesign the site while I was at it. I figured it was time to stray from monochromatic and try some color. Hopefully people will like it. I still have sections to build and validation to achieve, but I figured I would start small and grow the site as I go along. Hopefully the content update frequency will also increase.