Donkey Konga: Jungle Beat

Donkey Konga Jungle Beat Cover I feel like I haven’t had time to play any games in forever. I finally decided it was time to change that. I went to the store with the intention of buying Jade Empire afterall it looks to be more amazing then KOTOR was so I had to try it.

While at Best Buy (the one here in Charlottesville is very pleasant as opposed to most Best Buys) I noticed they had a playable display of Donkey Konga:Jungle Beat, next thing I know I’m paying for a set of plastic bongo drums.

Donkey Konga was one of those music/dance games which are pretty much just like playing the old Simon games. Donkey Kong plays these bongos and you imitate the pattern.

Jungle Beat however is completely different. What they did was take the bongo controllers and create a platforming game using them. Now you would think that a platform that is controlled by bongos couldn’t possibly be very intricate, but you would be wrong. Using bongo combinations and clapping Jungle Beat focuses on exactly what good platforms should focus on, timing.

This game is crazy fun and I feel tired after playing a few levels. Who knew you could work up a sweat playing video games. If you are interested in innovative off beat games at all you have to try this one.

Oh I bought Jade Empire also, although I’ve been to busy bongoing to try it yet.