hak_tinymce - WYSIWYG article editor

This plugin adds a TinyMCE based WYSIWYG editor to Textpattern.


  1. Upload the included TinyMCE distribution to somewhere in your document root. The default location is in your /textpattern/ directory.
  2. Install the plugin included in hak_tinymce.txt and activate it. Installing plugins
  3. Go to Extensions -> hak_tinyme and run the installation.
  4. If you placed TinyMCE somewhere other then in /textpattern/ you can set the location now


  • The editor will not come on by default on blank articles if “Use Textile” is selected in the Preferences. If you want to use the editor all the time change the default to “Leave text untouched”
  • If textile is turned on it will be disabled if you toggle the editor on. Conversely if you turn Textile back on it will turn off the editor.


A hak_tinymce tab is available under extensions with the following options.

Show editor toggle.
Determines whether to show the Toggle Editor link. Default is yes. The toggle is automatically hidden if you disable the editor for the article body and the article excerpt below.
Hide editor toggle when editing articles created with textile or convert linebreaks.
Determines if the Toggle Editor link should be available when editing articles that where created using textile or convert linebreaks. Default is yes.
Hide “Use textile” Dropdowns
Determines if the “Use Textile” Dropdowns should be hidden. Default is yes.
Path to tiny_mce script
The path to the TinyMCE script to use. Should be either relative to /textpattern/ or to your document root.
Enable for article body:
Determines if the editor can be activated for the Article Body.
Initialization for article body editor:
The initialization block to use for the article body editor. Configuration documentation can be found on the tinyMCE site.
Enable for article excerpt:
Determines if the editor can be activated for the Article excerpt.
Initialization for article excerpt editor:
The initialization block to use for the article excerpt editor. Configuration documentation can be found on the tinyMCE site.
Callback functions
Allows you to add functions that can be used by TinyMCE callbacks.
Use the Gzip Compressor
Determines if the Gzip Compressor should be used.
Initialization for Gzip compressor
The Initialization block for the Gzip compressor. Documentation can be found on the tinyMCE Site


You also have the option to uninstall the preferences table that is created during installation. The TinyMCE installation needs to be removed manually.

Default initialization string

This new version uses a mostly stock initialization string with a few exceptions.

  • convert_fonts_to_spans is set to true because we all should try to use font tags. This can be overridden in the init blocks.
  • The TXPImage plugin replaces the standard image insert dialog. This can be overridden in the init blocks.
  • document_base_url is automatically set to the value of Site URL. This can be overridden, but should not be necessary.
  • mode is set to none so that the toggles work. This cannot be overridden or else the toggles will not work properly

Inserting images with TXPImage

TXPImage is a custom image browsing plugin that integrates into the TXP backend. It allows you to browse your image categories and insert either the thumbnail or full size images for each image. It is hopefully easy to use.

Insert Thumbnail This icon is used to insert the thumbnail for the image.

Insert Full Image This icon is used to insert the full size image.

Known issues

  • This update requires version 4.2.0. or higher.


This is an update of mic_tinymce, originally developed by Michele Campeotto.

A lot of the admin code was made possible by examining Mary’s plugins.

TinyMCE is created and maintained by Moxiecode and released under the LGPL.


*ver 1.0 02-01-2011

  • fixed issues with cross domain access
  • handle different admin domains

ver 0.9.9 12-01-09

  • fix non-saving bug when markup selects were hidden

ver 0.9.6 12-01-09

  • fix non-saving bug when markup selects were hidden

ver 0.9.5 11-09

  • TinymCE 3.x branch update
  • 4.2.0 compatibility
  • Switch to using pluggable_ui

ver 0.7.1 – release 2-24-07

  • Fixes some open quotes.

ver 0.7 – release 2-19-07

  • Implements the GZIP compressor which is included in the bundled TinyMCE install.
  • TinyMCE updated to 2.1.0.
  • General clean ups.

ver 0.6.5 – release 2-17-07

  • Fixes an issue with txpimage when url_fopen() was not allowed.
  • advimage is no longer necessary for the language file to work for txpimage.

ver 0.6.4 – release 1-28-07

  • Fixes a regression that happened between 0.6.2 and 0.6.3.
  • Fixes a missing Table prefix when uninstalling.
  • Thanks to Frederik for spotting both of these

ver 0.6.3 – release 11-3-06

  • Fixes an issue when saving callback functions
  • updates look to more closely match 4.0.4

ver 0.6.2 – release 8-3-06

  • fixes an issue with installations that don’t define doc_root in config.php

ver 0.6.1 – release 7-11-06

ver 0.6 – release 7-10-06

  • Updated to TinyMCE
  • New options to set Init strings for Article and Excerpt in admin panel
  • New image browser
  • Option to create callback functions in Admin panel
  • Option to hide “Use Textile” dropdowns
  • Option to enable/ the editor for Article body or Excerpt
  • Move to new preferences table
  • TinyMCE code can now be anywhere in the document root

ver 0.5.4 – release 2-09-06

  • Fixed an issue when excerpts where turned off

ver 0.5.3 – release 2-06-06

  • Updated to version 2.0.2 of TinyMCE
  • Made editor work on excerpts
  • Created Admin panel

ver 0.5.2 – release 12-01-05

  • Updated to version 2.0 Final of TinyMCE

ver 0.5.1 – release 11-30-05

  • Initial Release


  1. Hi,

    this is great software (better than the htmlarea integration for txp that i wrote myself) but i have one problem:
    With Firefox 1.5 i can not edit selected pictures. I can create new ones, but the image window doesn’t open when an image is selected.

    The tinymce demo on their sotes works fine for me. Any thoughts on this?

    Hendrik Wouters    Dec 17, 06:55 AM    #
  2. The tinyMCE demo uses the commercial image manager that Moxiecode wrote. Micampe’s original release used a 3rd party plugin called iBrowser that isn’t really being updated anymore and wasn’t really Firefox friendly to begin with.

    I included it in my update since it was there originally and I have not found a better replacement yet. I’m hoping to write a more integrated image manager that will better tie into the Textpattern backend and replace iBrowser with that in a future version.
    hakjoon    Dec 19, 02:18 AM    #
  3. The current download link you provide allows to download ver 0.5.1 only. Seems the link has not been updated to get ver 0.5.2.
    Thank you for porting this to Txp.

    Hablablow    Jan 18, 11:47 AM    #
  4. You are right. There was some permission snafu when I replaced the file. It should be pointing to the right one now. Thanks for pointing that out.

    hakjoon    Jan 18, 12:49 PM    #
  5. Thanks for replying !

    Hablablow    Jan 19, 12:22 PM    #
  6. You changed the tinymce folder to tiny_mce… Is that correct ? Anyway changing the name back will throw Js errors and not toogle the editor… So I assume the new name is correct.
    A question: is it possible to have the ability to add blockquotes in the dropdown menu where you add headings, paragraphs etc..?
    Thanks !

    Hablablow    Jan 19, 01:02 PM    #
  7. The new name of the folder is right. It changed for the 2.0 release of tinymce and I figured it would make it simpler if it were consistent with the official distribution.

    In order to add blockquote you can use the theme_advanced_blockformats option to set what you want. Just add it to the mceSettings section in the plugin. I’m hoping to make that easier to customize.

    hakjoon    Jan 21, 10:50 AM    #
  8. Incredible workS.
    Tanks very much .

    — ThoMas    Jan 23, 03:57 AM    #